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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  November 10, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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now, good morning maryland at nine. good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am jamie costello. i want to get the two quick good-byes in. quintin daily. in my opinion, two high school basketball players i remember most rodney monroe and quintin dealy maplayed at cardinal gib bones and first round draft pick with the bulls. had trouble and his parents passed away when he was 14 and he was raised by his aunt in west baltimore. but he passed away at 49 of a heart disease. and leaves behind two kids. one is playing ball at eastern
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michigan. another quick george. mr. george opened up harry's grill on main street in westminster and came from greece to baltimore to the port of baltimore and used to take the train to court his wife zoe and they have been married 65 years. got word from his son harry that his father passed away at 81. 70 hours a week at harry's grill, used to go out on main street and harry's grill on main street. two tough losss in baltimore here today. >> sad morning. here's what we have coming up. my buddy dan is here. he will talk about the irish festival. irish eyes are smiling aren't they always. >> they are. and country music awards are tonight. you love country music and we will hear from carry underwood and brad pace p asley. >> great reference. how many reference have you been asked for in the companies call and say what about this person sp. >> been asked a lot but probably only a handful of times.
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so we will have to hear more about that. joany has great advice and elizabeth court is here pro biotics you hear about it and probably seen the commercials. she is a pharmacist and will let us know if we need to i cooperate it in our diet. all of that ahead on "good morning, maryland" at nine. that is to being you may have heard about. stranded at sea. thousands of people on a dream cruise are stuck in the water running low on food, taking cold showers and still a day and a half away from land. it started a few days ago when an engine fire shut down nearly every thing on board. the carnival cruise spendar. emily schmidt has more on what he being done to get people home. >> reporter: on the first day of a weeklong mexican cruise, a fire in the engine room meant carnival's splendor would not live up to the idealic name. >> that fire has been put out. the vessel is safe.
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it's unable to make way and will need to be towed into port. >> reporter: 4500 passengers and crew are now stuck on a ship that's stranded in the pacific 80 miles off mexico's coast. since monday. >> it's my understanding that all the passengers are safe and as comfortable as they can be be. >> reporter: the toilets are work after a day when they didn't. but there's no air conditioning, hot water or hot food. it's taking a navy airlift to get more food on board. 50,000 pounds so far. >> delivering the stuff to the carrier and the carrier will get that over to the carnival cruise lines so they get the supplies they need. >> reporter: the huge is twice the size of the tie at that .ic. this is home video from a june cruise. plans are to tow the 113,000ton ship to san diego. carnival says in a statement conditions on board the ship are very challenging. the company's offering a full refund plus a free future cruise.
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but some passengers family members doubt their loved ones will want to sail again any time soon. >> you think they will want to go again? >> no. i don't think she will. i mean this is the one chance i don't think she will. >> reporter: passengers can move around the ship, children's activities and entertainment are on. but it may be days before the passengers are able to get back home. emily schmidt, abc news. >> if you've been on a cruise that you have -- they have a ton of food and they are eating spam. that's one thing people look forward to is eating a lot. >> lots of spam of the. >> you know, everything they have to offer on a cruise is sort of out the window right now. >> you are sending us spam? wow. >> wow. a day and a half. and that leads to the two cents on the wmar facebook fan page. we asked you the following question, carnival cruise shrine doing enough to compensate those on board stranded on the ship? jay writes in yes. i believe they are offering enough compensation and i know
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it's unfortunate about what happened but sometimes things don't go as planned. at least they acted quickly. and melissa writes i think they are offering enough but not sure i would be that excited to get back on a another cruise ship soon. we want to know what you think. leave two cents on today's hot topic. head to the facebook fan page and we will share your comments throughout the show. well, we have seen the cars with tinted windows and wondered who is driving amount car was pulled over for being too tinted and when the window rolled down it was ray rice. rice was stopped by the baltimore county police officer in the parking lot of the game stop store in owings mills because his tinted windows were too dark. then rice sent out a twitter message saying just got pulled out for my tints smh which means shaking my head, but gave the officer an autograph for his son and he let me go. somethings are better left
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untweeted. we caught with up ray rice who word it better by saying he offered the autograph after the officer gave him a warning. >> bad decision by me wording it on twitter which i wasn't trying to get fair unjustice and i did get a warning and i must get my tints fixed. >> a spokesman for the police department said officers have the option of giving a person a verbal warning or a violation with an order to get the windows fixed and the department is investigating the disipt. but ray says -- the incident but ray says he will get the windows fix night think everybody feels, you know a. little gluerieous when they don't -- glorious when they don't get a ticket. how many times have you said i have gotten out of a ticket. you never got out of a ticket. >> i never got out of a ticket. >> he did what is natural. >> i know megan pringle but that never got me off either. >> maybe it will next time. in another thing that has
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people talking the last night elimination on "dancing with the stars." >> kurt and ana. >> no last-minute heroics. kurt warner he and his partner sent pack after posting the second lowest scores last night. before they left, warner talked about how much fun he had. >> it was a lot of work, probably a lot more than i expected. but the monday nights were what i hoped i hoped it was an opportunity to show who i was for to us perform and entertain and that's what i always done. it was playing football before and it was about entertaining people. and sending people home you know with a smile on their face. that's what i hope the competition would be, and i really think we did that. >> everybody leaves with a great attitude. four stars brandi, kyle and jennifer and bristol whose scores why 10 points behind warners this week and we will see what happens next week.
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justin. >> just a nice delay. >> dramatic pause. >> dramatic pause to set the tone i know jamie costello, does that help? >> no. >> darn it. >> let's go outside to look at this. >> two tickets for that. >> i will get another one. >> yeah. here we go. beautiful sunrise shot in glen bernie froman arundel community college southbound. see the flag extended. we will pay respects tomorrow to the veterans but today, the flag is at full extension and we have winds gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour. want to go back to veteran's elementary school. you like that transition there? we got a look at the flag as well. we will look at 47 degrees as we start off the morning. the parking lot is full and we are ready to have ourselves a day. once again, back just above normal today. in baltimore it will take to us 58 in the afternoon. we have been as high as 75 in 1999 and our sun we are lose
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bag minute and a half of daylight at this point in time of the year. each day 4:56 sun sets. enjoy what we have got. ray lewis showing up on the board from nor fobbing through -- norfolk and richmond and 50 in new york. they have had wind whipped rain and dealing with the storm up in new england. the clouds are trying to work their way back toward the west. you have a little bit of that invading the sky on the eastern shore. probably not big enough to brock out the sun -- block out sun but discipling it -- dimming it. and expect the clouds to work in our direction even though we were able to fight them off yesterday. the storm off the coast continues to meander out there. a few hundred miles southeast of cape cod but they are gaining rain in massachusetts this morning. clouds still trying to push behind the storm system. this is the reason for the breeze and the steady breeze out of the north. and that will continue towards
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the afternoon. again, we do expect a little bit more in the way of cloudiness to build in over the next couple hours. but we still should have ourselves a pleasant day with the high around 62 for the two degree guaranteed. breaking the cloud pattern tonight. back down to 36. and we should stay mostly clear on veteran's day and pleasant day for that matter at 60. we will check out rest of the forecast into the weekend which shows a little warming trend coming up in the next half- hour. back to you. >> thanks. we have taken calls from our friends or coworkers asking can i use you as reference when they are trying to get a job. >> coming next, some shy away from the responsibility. and others tell all. so how do you pick a great reference that won't harm your chance of landing the job. >> jody daniels knows. when irish eyes are smile. this weekend is something to celebrate. we will get a sneak peek at luck of the irish this weekend happening at the irish festival. and keith urban brad paysly
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will sang the -- sing the opening number. considery and brad talked to megan coming up.
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now whoa want to go back to your two cents on the hot topic. strand cruise ship near san diego. on the facebook fan page we
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asked if carnival did enough. >> kathleen says yes. during hurricane agnes we were taken ashore in lifeboats while repairs were made and an extra day was all we got. and ann says it was an accident no one set out to derail the trip. they have a great story to tell. so if you want to weigh in, we want to know what you think. your two cents on today's hot topic. head to our wmar facebook fan page and leave your comment and we will share some of the comments throughout the morning's show. jamie. all right. oh, danny boy dan he groh grew up two blocks from here. danny calvert hall and all of a sudden you become -- you are an army airborne. >> i was. >> ranger and then he becomes the past president of the friendly sons director of fund raising for the police emerald society. and president of the irish charity of maryland and that's
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what brings you in today. and we have a big irish festival going on. >> we do. 25,000 people are coming i believe. >> oh. >> a lot of music and great music all weekend. >> and starts where and when? >> 6 p.m. friday. >> yeah. >> at the palace in timonium. >> what kind of vendors. >> irish vennors with sweaters and m and china and stuff -- and merchandise and china and stuff from all around. from florida to canada and from ireland that bring stuff. >> this is good. this is a preliminary. we are in november. >> that's right. >> and we set it up for march. that's all it is. >> we keep doing it. >> how are things going in the emerald society. >> great. we had a tough couple weeks a lot of losses. >> absolutely. >> and everybody is doing well. we had a bull roast on the 20th for them. >> and friendly sons get ready for the big luncheon.
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>> yes, soon. >> if you've been to that holy cow. man they just start and they continue and you go on to the parade the next day and anybody grand marshal you know? >> no. that won't be decide until january. >> good and i will see you tonight. >> absolutely. >> a bunch of tables together. >> we did. >> the maryland irish festival. we have been going on 35. >> 35th year. >> that's great. 25,000 people coming out. sponsored by the irish charities of maryland. what does the organization do, dan? >> we make all the money we make from the festival, we donate to 30 different charities around the community. >> like what. >> little sisters special olympics, the list is too long to mention. it's 30 -- there's 16 organizations and we split it up between them anly and they decide who gets the money from the charity. >> see you tonight. >> yes. >> you do a great job. >> thanks very much. >> thanks for doing it. irish festival this weekend out in timonium. now megan.
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the big of the names in country will be on stage tonight for the country music awards talking kenny chessney to name a few what do you say we drop in on two superstars carrie underwood and brad paysly. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you guys? >> doing pretty good i would say. >> i would say you are exhausted. we will at that everything you have going on but first the cmas three years hosting together. how do you keep it fresh? >> we -- doesn't know. it's not like it's old hat yet i feel like we are getting better all the time. but it's not like gosh, we have done this 12 times and oh, we are trying to make it work. it's still pretty new to us. we have fun at it. >> i know brad, you've been nominated for three cma awards. kerry, two -- be carrie, two
9:18 am
and you are doing that and hosting. does that put more pressure on you? >> we don't have time up there to sort of keep track of what we won or loss. and that's a good thing. i like it. >> there's too much going on to be worried about and the nominations and we have our performances and stuff like that we will do during the show. there's so much going on, you don't think about anything. you just kind of go. >> carrie, you've had 100 shows in 2010 and brad you've double cd coming out. tell us about what's going on in your life besides the cmas right now. >> well, let's see feels like there's -- it feels like all we are thinking about for the last week or so is this because the writing and the rehearsal process of this show is very complicated and make sure that everything feels like us and it's flowing and i've got a lot going on with family and
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touring and everything. but, i feel like haven't seen them in 48 hours or 72 -- 72 hours at this point. >> oh i am sure you are newlywed carrie. >> yeah. >> we will see you guys tonight and we look forward to it. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> hope you like it. >> of course we will. it's the biggest night for country and airs tonight here on abc2 live from nashville starting at 8 and if you want more information, head to all right. thanks, megan and carrie will come to baltimore to play. living and learning with dyslexia is a real challenge for many. so coming up a. baltimore independent school is helping students become successful inside and outside the classroom.
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millions of americans have dyslexia and everybody knows somebody who does. and if you wonder what that means, that means you could have trouble read, writing, specifying and organization. with special identities instruction people can really be successful learners. >> so in today's take five series on independent schools, sherrie johnson look at the baltimore lab school and what parents should consider when look for school to help them with learning disabilities.
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>> we welcome you to baltimore lab school. >> reporter: richard is the principal and prides himself on helping students reach the full potential. the baltimore lab school is tay vision of the lab school of washington which was found in 1967. the school educates more than 100 students with language disabilities and first through 12th grades. >> you want them to understand themselves and their learning disability. you want them secondly, because most of the students come in here the self-esteem has been damaged and you want them to feel good about themselves. >> reporter: the school prides itself on hands on learning. no textbooks. teachers want to create a sense of belonging and students will be enthusiastic about learning. >> a small clays size is -- class size is important and a sense of community. they feel like they have a very strong safety net here. so, they can get comfortable
9:24 am
and take risk and be ready to take risk which is important for students and also to bring back the love of learning. >> reporter: the school also has speech pathologist and psychologist on hand to help. >> we go into the classes. we also see students sometimes in small groups. and we also will see some students one-on-one which is very beneficial to some kids to have that opportunity to work one-on-one. it depends on the kid. that's what our school is about sort of individualized learning and which works best for each child. >> reporter: the baltimore lab school helps students to become an expert in any given area. 11th grade kers take advantage of an internship practice allowing students to work in different jobs in the area. >> try to get students to help develop their self-esteem because those with learning disabilities are not always comfortable in the real world. but having this experience in high school and placed with someone that you know sarks good
9:25 am
supervisor -- you know, who is a good supervisor they develop great self-esteem. >> reporter: five tips for tanning a school with language disabilities. first, pick a school that promotes the joy of learning. second, administrators should combine arts into the curriculum. third, find a school that provides expert speech and language occupational therapists. fourth, find teachers were specialized training and finally, find a school that provides a curriculum that is geared towards tapping into the students to prepare them for the real world. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> all right. when it comes to getting the back to work, resume is important. but so are those reference. so coming up, our career expert joany daniels will join us with some tips to make sure your references are not only good ones, but they will help you get the next job of yours. and with an ecomony that's trying to rebound, so is maryland's unemployed so we will look at our extra help to help the veterans. we will be right back.
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let's get you back to work. job and career fares have had trouble drawing crowds the case in baltimore county open to all but as tim rutherford shows us some worthwhile job seekers gets a little extra attention. >> reporter: in an ecomony that has produced the highest unemployment numbers in decade, job and career fares are an essential element in the job hunting process. tuesday baltimore city and county put on a joint event that was open to the general public but with a special emphasis on out of work military veterans. for veterans finding the career support services is a lot like standard military procedure. >> you have to know what the situation is, what your mission is, and then you have to know what the support services are available. >> reporter: ten year veteran kenya stokes was civil engineer in the air force. she found people here who could talk the talk. >> i found a company who specifically was dedicated to the skills that i learned as an engineering craftsman. different things to hear her
9:30 am
speak the language that is so hard to relay on the civilian side was very encouraging to me. >> reporter: much has been asked of our new generation of military veterans. the service commitments are heavy. >> when we went to vietnam, we knew we would be be done in one year. these young people are going time and time again and that has to be wearing and tearing on themselves psychological self and families. >> reporter: but job hunting veterans need to be resourceful and proactive. >> if they gave the commitment to be a soldier, they have to make the commitment to go do the application and look for a job. >> reporter: you leave a job fair with some pamphlets and maybe cups and pen or three, and just possibly a new beginning. in randalstown, tim rutherford, abc2 news. >> it's been a challenge to find work at the last few years. we continue to try to help you out anyway we can. and get you back to work. we continue to ask you send us your resumes and we feature
9:31 am
them here every wednesday. so let's look at the job hunters. >> hello, my name is and lea and a national urban it willo and mass master in public administration. 15 years of progressively responsibility as a mentor and public speaker. i am looking for an organization that will afford me toer is aves change agent in the community. please contact me for an interview at e mail address below thank you. >> i amerwin and medical doctor and completed my residency in preventive medicine and public health. i have a ms in ep deem epidemiology and confident myi will be a valuable contributor to your team. contact me for an interview. thank you. >> hello, i am. [audio not understandable] i have a degree in business administration as well as masters in marketing. i am responsible for designing
9:32 am
marketing campaigns. along with training international bank managers. i have organized and a tis pay thed in international convention throughout latin america about the role of. [audio not understandable] thank you. >> and if you would like to see your resume sheer, e-mail us at best resume as and attach a resume of a microsoft word document and we will call you to put a video pitch and we will put it on lipe and on the air. log onto abc2 news and click on the money tab at the top of the home page and click on back to work for resumes. we are questioning great reference from career advice expert joany daniels. if you are look for work and say can i use you as reference, what do i do. >> tell me about the job you want me to be used as reference for. >> you don't say i love you, i
9:33 am
will do it. >> you shouldn't. >> what -- who is. >> right. >> when you think about references, you should be thinking about who should i be using as references. past employers, colleagues, clients, customers, teachers, people who are familiar with how you work. >> i guess i jumped the first hurdle asking. you have to figure out -- you have to ask before you put it on paper. >> you should can ask if they would be a reference for you and tell them why you want them to be a reves for you. you want to secure their permission. you don't just want to give out the name. >> prepare them give them a call and say i would like to use you as a reference. >> and tell them this is the kind of job i am interviewing for and this is the questions they might ask and skills i want you to promote about me. especially if you think the employer has some concerns, you might say, i know they are concerned i am young. it would be helpful if you speak to that because you know i am mature in spite of my age. >> and stay in touch. >> yeah. once you asked someone to be a reference keep in touch with
9:34 am
them. if you are going to use their name a quick e-mail saying i gave your name and they might be contacting you. i wanted to give you a heads up. every six months or year. you don't want to use people that you haven't talk to in years or you know it's not fair. >> you say choose, trustworthy references. >> yes. make sure you use people who you can trust what they are going to say when you are not around. you don't want to give out a reference and they say oh, jamie costello, he is good but you know i am pretty good too and we should talk about that job. or you don't want to say yamy -- jamie, yeah let me tell you something he did he is so goofy because you can't trust what they are going to. they are not goinger is aves good reference. >> not -- serve as a good reference. >> not on the resume. >> you don't have to advertise it they will ask and you want to choose references specifically for the job. >> should companies call references. >> absolutely. >> all of them? >> well, not necessarily all of them. but they should call references
9:35 am
and they should try to be creative and come up with some of their own. >> what -- if you put down of course they will call your work and find out what kind of employee you were. >> unless you ask them not to. >> you can ask them not to. >> sure. >> but if they do, the person they have worked here, click. that's all you get. a good sign. >> you want control over that. so you can say you might not want to talk to this person. they might not be the best reference. but i can give you a name after the client we worked with. they are familiar with how i work and the kind of service i provide. >> how important are references? >> they can make the difference. you can get information from someone about whether they show up every day or they are cheerful or attitude is good. stuff you might not ask and that can really you know, shift the bias of an employer. >> do companies go around the reference and call their own knowing the person may have stumbled into the person one time or two. >> companies get creative because you can't give a reference that is going to actually damage someone's chances to get a job.
9:36 am
all you really are legally required to do is say they worked here from here to here and this is the title and salary. but, if you are creative you can get a lot of information when you ask questions about someone's work style and their skill level. >> one more question. do you hear anybody getting in trouble for gave bad reference. >> yeah. yeah. they said something that really screwed up the opportunity. and they how could you say that and that's how some lawsuits get started. >> thanks so much. she is a good reference. megan. >> she is the best. more information at joany thanks, guys. we are following a developing story this morning. this one out of baltimore county where the fire department says ten students have been taken to the hospital after a fight at overlea high school. it started around 7:40. two student started to fight in the cafeteria. a resource officer used pepper spray to break up the fight. one of the student fight was taken to the hospital with a broken finger. and because of the pepper spray as well. the other student was arrested by police. but stay with abc2 news because
9:37 am
we are on the story and will update it on and stay with us this morning, you hear the term probiotics that's thrown out a lot in commercials and especially this time of year. but what does that mean? what are they? coming, we will get a basic lesson on what it is and how it can help you and you can enscroi them with a tasty meal any time. we have folks to tell us. 52 degrees with the wind steady out of the north. you can see the trees swaying in the breeze. and that will be the case through the afternoon and in fact we have a nice one stack up here -- stack up even -- stacking up even with the cloud. "good morning, maryland" returns after this. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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all right. we want to wish a happy happy healthy birthday to bill from parkville turning 85. a little info about bill. he's been pairied -- married for 63 years to his wife janet. also 85. and bill is an amateur wine maker. winning many awards for the wine that he makes and also a proud air force veteran from world war ii and he retired civil engineer. guess not only a happy birthday but thanks for your service. he has three girls, debbie terry and cat and his son-in-law joe and they want to wish him a happy birthday.
9:41 am
>> thanks, bill who grew up watching richard whose birthday it is today. and we want to know about your birthday, send a short e-mail and attached photo at and we will blowout candles with you. time for the featured events when we ask you to e-mail us exciting things happening in your community. i got one from stella who sent in one and wants you to know about the 40thth annual santa paws a celebration 40 years of cat shows and it's 40 years of fur and fun. so cfa and greater baltimore cat club will have a party and the show. and they will have over 100 cats competing for titles and rib ox and breeders and rescuers will be there to answer questions and find out about adopting or purchasing special kittens. proceeds go to rescue groups and there's a website on your screen that you can visit. i've never heard of a cat show. >> no kidding. yeah. all right.
9:42 am
well vincent farm elementary school principal ann gold was named one of the best principals in the land. i am tell you coast to coast. she was honored in washington and got a white house tour. so this afternoon at 3:30, she will be recognized by county executive jim smith at county courthouse on washington avenue and towson so congratulations principal gold. if you have an event happening in your community,,way want to know about it, e-mail jamie me or morning show at the addresss are there. we love to hear what he's happening in the neighborhood. we will be right back.
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9:45 am
let's get back to your two cents about the strand cruise ship near san diego. on the wmar facebook fan page, we posted the story and asked you is carnival cruise line doing enough to compensate those on bort cruise ship and becky wrote in, in 2003, we were scheduled to sail on the norway but it had an explosion in the boiler room. the week before. so, she was canceled and offered nothing. her daughter was to be married in st. thomas and they had to settle for st. petersburg in florida and juanita says yes i. think they are offering enough compensation. airlines should follow suit when the passengers are stranded. how about that. hey, if you like to share your two cents on the hot topic head
9:46 am
to the facebook fan page and leave a comment. megan. >> that offer is better than some. probiotics, how does it work. elizabeth is here to tell us. always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you brought a way of it. what are probiotics. >> it's a supplement or food product that contains a live but nonharmful friendly bacteria or yeast. and that is actually similar to what we have living in our gastrointestinal tracks. so by supplementing your body with that good friendly bacteria, you know, it it's with normal digestion and can be some studies show it might boost the immune system and fend off harmful bacteria that could lead to infections. >> and make you sick. >> and make you sick. >> you hear bacteria and think it's something bad. but in this case it's good. >> in this case they are friendly bacteria. >> it's relatively new thing. are you hearing more and more
9:47 am
asking you coming up to say is this something i should try? >> yes. think about it. we are seeing ads for new products all the time but they have been around since yogurt has been around. and they have been available in the store in different location. you might not know they are there. but we are seeing more and more questions as they are being represented more frequently from physicians. >> and if we can wet get shots of the things you brought in. but you mentioned yogurt. does all yogurt have this? >> all yogurt contains bacteria notsinly everything is the good that might provide benefit but by the nature yogurt contains bacteria. that's how it is made. >> there are supplements if someone says don't like yogurt and i won't eat it. are there other ways to get it. >> over-the-counter products near the pharmacy counter or behind the pharmacy counter in tablets or capsules or pouter -- powder form if you not a fan of yogurt or smoothies we found it in a chocolate bar earlier today in the store. >> is that what this is. >> exactly. >> all right. jamie will have to try it.
9:48 am
you encourage people and i assume this is the same case come talk to the pharmacist. come ask questions. this is got to be the same thing. i am sure it's hard for people to ask you about it because it's talking about something that could potentially be embarrassing. >> yes. you have to think we hear questions every day and that's why we are there even if a conversation is not quite as comfortable as you like there's no judgment. we get questions for example is probiotic something i need to take every day as we have been hearing all the ads. they found that most people can safely add a probiotic supplement or food product to the diet. it may support a healthy immune system in some case and aid with normal die jex and regularity we will call it. but also we see it recommended in most frequently from patients that have been prescribed antibiotic therapy. think of it as an antibiotic will treat an infection caused by bad or unfriendly bacteria. but sometimes it will atact
9:49 am
good bacteria. and sometimes they will recommend the products and that's where we get the most questions. why did the physician ask me to do there and we are there as resource to explain what's out there and what you can choose and why that's important. >> all right. you heard it from the pharmacist. elizabeth says don't be embarrassed they hear questions all the time. ask and this is interesting because some people say it helps them not get sick. so, thanks for coming in and listening. if you want more information, go to and we have the information you need right there plus information on fruit andowing hello, gut. ide it is pretty good. >> that's pretty good. maybe they ought to submit that for the favorite recipe here. thanksgiving, is three weeks away, and that means plenty of cook for your large family affair and everyone has their family or favorite recipe they dig out for the turkey dinner. we want to hear about yours. from the turkey to the stuffing and salads and dessert we want to know your favorite recipe to share and our family on thanksgiving. just send your recipe in to
9:50 am
morning show at and we will pick out some of the great recipes and have you come in at good morning -- "guide morning maryland out" at nine and show everyone your tasty treat. include your name and e mail and your phone number and obviously your recipe. you have until friday okay to submit your recipes and then we will contact you to appear on the show. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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now, maryland most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> good morning. 9:5p i -- 9:53789 i want to bring back -- 9:53. i want to bring back a classic game. somewhere on the screen is jamie's age. thank you. we played that with megan a couple days ago about a week ago. >> it's not 49 in florida. >> it's not 49. it's not 49. we have got ourselves 50s on the screen. 52 towson and edgemere. 5 # on the eastern shore in sorry i know pay back is coming
9:54 am
right? yeah. we have the cloud on the eastern shore as well. band of clouds looks like it's moving into cecil and harford it continues to throw moisture back just want to show you this impressive view. up. off the edge of the wide screen set the low pressure system. finally trying to pull away but it has one more surge coming on the backside. it is the northeastern winds that's carrying the moisture and clouds across central and southern new england through new jersey. and a band of clouds forming in northeastern maryland and looks like these are actually thick up in enough to block out sun. but it's all associated with the storm off to the east and it will have a little to no impact on us in terms of rainfall. we expect to have the cloud again. there you go. closer image highlighting hartford county. we will be -- harford county. partly sunny skies. occasional band of cloud to dim dim out sun and block it for an hour or so. 62 that's the two degree guarantee a little above normal and that has been the trend so far for the last couple days.
9:55 am
bringing it back to 36 tonight. and on good old veteran's day we have ourselves temperatures with sunshine back to 60. looks like we will have a little bit of a bump on the thermometer despite lows near freezing back to near 60 on friday. we should go 65 and sunny to partly cloudy on saturday. near 60 sunday and the next storm comes back with a reality check back in the 50s. with rain. >> 65 for this time of year? >> it's a little above normal. not too bad. record is 75 or 08. >> work on that. i would love 75. >> that would be great. >> i will push right button glue like burgers? >> love burgers, huh? >> we have been a list for the top five the worst burgers in the country. this is according. >> worst not taste but for you. >> oh okay. >> not like disgusting but bad. >> we should say the best tasting burgers top five list. >> according to man's they are no particular order but we thought you might finite
9:56 am
interesting. first we have the ruby tuesday smoke house burger has over 1200 calories. 73 grams of fat. but the sodium is over 2500 milligrams which is about the equivalent of 94 rites crackers. >> uno chicago grill bring home the bacon burger. that's equivalent to 12 white castel burgers. >> which is easy to do in one sitting. >> if you eking the bring home the bacon burger you know it's not good. >> the third the classic from the cheese cake factory. 1600 milligrams of sodium over 1400 calories and that's about 7 original glazed donuts from dunkin donuts which sounds from they good. >> sound really good. >> and the friday's jack daniels burger with over 1500 calories or 30 oreo cookies. >> i get number one here. finally, the burger king new york pizza burger. over 2500 calories, 14 # grams of fat and nearly 4,000
9:57 am
milligrams of sodium. so you my want to wash that down with water he. like eating over 7 medium orders of mcdonald's french fries. >> 144 grams of fat? >> wow. >> you know, the doughnut hamburger. >> that's gross. >> which is basically a slice of ham with a burger between the two donuts. waiting for someone to come with up that. that's all we had a story about that two donuts and a burger with creese cheese. >> if that's your recipe for thanksgiving, e mail news that is website this is why you are >> it has stuff like this all over and will keep you entertained and on your dieet. >> gross. >> have a great res ret of your day -- rest of your day on "good morning maryland." >> see you tomorrow starting at 5 a.m.
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